Adidas were back in favour for the 1976/77 season, Stan Bowles pictured here with the thinnest hoops ever seen on a QPR shirt.

The new design was worn for the opening home game against Everton, then the following away game at West Ham, before being consigned to the history books.

The thin hoops were ditched in place of a more traditional look for the second home game but not everyone was satisfied.

The third design of the season first appeared in the away game at Liverpool in November. Less silky looking and sporting a huge Trefoil emblem.

Quite what Adidas were up to during this period is baffling. The following month yet another design appeared, this one with a blue & white colour, and the word 'Adidas' underneath the now smaller Trefoil logo. All four home designs used during the 1976/77 season failed to incorporate the team badge.

The away shirt that started season was the same as from 1975/76 - though Adidas were now providing the black shorts...

...and soon came up with their own take on the shirt, but ditched the club badge in the process.

Umbro were not to be outdone, and this strange offering appeared at a League Cup match at West Ham in October, complete with Adidas blue shorts.

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